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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oooppssssiiieeeee :p

love this picture so freaking muchhhhh 

i had denied my blog for such a long time.
and now..i'm back to here again.

skipped all the past.
there's too many things to post dy.
so i just post about my Genting trip with him.

oh yeaaaa~~
on last sunday,we went to Genting in a sudden.
that's becoz his sister keep on asking us to join them.
okay..we did joining them dy.
i'm so happy and excited.
it was the first time i went to Genting with boyfie.
and yet,he's the first one :)

heeee...we went to play bowling.
we play versus game with his sister's friends.
4 person in a group.
in the end,in my group..i got the highest mark !!
i won the other 3guys in my own group.
muahahahaha !
they felt so embarrassing becoz i won them. 

one thing,First World foods are super damn expensive.
i din bring any cash go there becoz it's too sudden.
spent too much of his money dy..:(

nevermind..as he said,as long as we are happy and enjoying with it :)
planning for the next trip with him !

okay...stop here.
update it on next time.
tata ~ ;)