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Monday, November 7, 2011

finally..I'm back to here :)

brand new life in Singapore :)

sorry that i've left my blog for so long.
it's becoz i am so lazy to update it.
haha XD
okay...just simply update my blog.

Life :
start my brand new life in Singapore.
gonna start my working life at here soon :)

Love :
glad that i met him.
he gives me everything that i want from a boyfie.
i love him lots.
hope that we can stay together for forever.
Distance will never separates two hears that really care :)

pray hard for my job.
i wanna earn more money ! :D
i wanna get some new experience over here :)

boyfie and friends , wait me back to M'sia ya :)
i miss you !!
take care.

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