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Saturday, November 19, 2011

my new job - L'OCCITANE

L'OCCITANE - my company 

 here's the outlet that I'm currently working - Ngee Ann City @ Takashimaya

I had my 2days training over here-Marina Bay Sands outlet

Finally ... I passed my interview !
and i got my new job over here.

let me introduce my new job.
my company's is a very famous France company.
it's called L'OCCITANE .
it's a beauty and skincare company.
and all of their products are 100% natural.

I'm so glad that i got this job.
from this job , i learnt lots of things.
i learnt to be independent,control my emotional,communicate with people.
and of course,i get to know more about beauty and skincare products.
and still...I've got the chance to speak English with people around me.
since Singaporean mostly are educated people and there's lots of different country peoples.

my contract for this job is 6months,included the 3months training period.
the first and second day,it's the most difficult day.
i really felt super stress on both days.
I've to learn and remember a lot of products and steps.
really feel like wanna giving up.
but i know i can't give up easily.
i don't want to disappoint people that surrounded me,especially my family.
i believe that one day i will be expert.
so..i just need sometime.
i will try my best to do well on it and earn more money for myself.

anyway,Singapore it's really a nice and peaceful place.
and yet...it's a shopping heaven !
once i get my salary,i will have my crazy shopping !

one more thing , iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is waiting for me !
i will be going to get it right after my December salary !
oh yeaaaaaaaaaa ~ xD


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